Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Piano Tiles 2™

Cheetah Games

A new feature of Piano Tiles 2: 1.Hoan a personal business, picked up a lot of diamond and gold rock! 2.Cach slider completely new game, experience the excitement of the game. 3.Trien Masters opening contest, test ultra high speed around. 4.Nhieu super set and style of music. 5.Luu keep favorite music, both classical and modern music. 6.Man completely new platform, portfolio and simple music clearer. 7.Cach play very easy, visual efficiency unmatched. 8.Canh Trophy competition with friends, performing together with global players. 9.Dung FB account login to the game is a lot of data can be terminal and enjoy. 10.Chat music of comprehensive upgrade, quick to sense any. Rules of play: Harmonic music just click on the black, not white button trampled! Hurry up to play it! A great music festival, linked play with friends, you quickly than many. Pay: Have a question, then send messages to gpfeedbackpt2@gmail.com, or in Settings> Help and billing contact us. Trade cooperation: Cheetah Mobile forward with leading game developers worldwide fulfill the dream, we're really looking forward to the game of your stand. Get in touch with us: publishing_cmplay@cmcm.com